• Ian Mitchell King

    Ian Mitchell King is a very smart person. He got his Bachelor of Arts in political science from the well-known University of Southern California (USC). Later, he got his Master of Business Administration degree and had a perfect GPA. Mitchell got his law degree from the University of San Diego and was given the title of Merit Scholar. 75% of his tuition was paid for by the scholarship he got.


    Ian King is one of the most honored veterans in the United States. He is most proud of being a Lieutenant in the Navy and an Enlisted Infantry Marine. Even though he has done a lot in the military, he is proud of being a Marine Corps Company Honor Man. He also made history when he graduated from the School of Infantry at the top of his class. He got a good promotion as well.


    Mitchell King was a US Navy Officer Candidate Good Society Graduate, a Navy LT Public Affairs Consultant to a Commanding officer, and a Navy LT Defense department Member Of staff for the Secretary of Defense during his time in the military.

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